Equipment rentals

The Pikkulahti Paddling Centre is located on the Pikkulahti beach in Raahe (location on the map). You can rent kayaks, SUP boards and canoes during the summer months. Equipment rental is open through the whole summer season. Equipment rental is usually also OK even if we are not there. Just call us and we’ll be there as soon as possible. Call us on +358 50 370 7111 or email to

Available equipment:

  • Trekking skates, snowshoes, ice fishing equipment, a Laplander’s hut, kicksleds, army tents (€50/weekend), frisbees
  • Tents: 2-person (€15/day, €70/week), 3-person (€20/day, €100/week)
  • Sleeping bag + camping mat €5/day/person, €25/week/person
  • Travel cooker €5/day, €25/week
  • Lean-to €5/day, €25/week
  • Sledge €15/day, €70/week
  • An outdoor hot tub

Rental prices:

  • Frisbee €5/3 hours
  • Snowshoes €10/3h, €20/day
  • Trekking ice skates €10/3 h, €20/day
  • Trekking ice skating equipment €5/3 h, €10/day, an ice pick, ski poles and a heaving line
  • A tandem kayak and an open canoe €25/2h, €50/day
  • A single kayak €20/2h, €40/day
  • SUP boards €15 €/h, €45/day
  • An XL SUP board, €50/hour, max. 8 persons
  • An outdoor hot tub, starting from €90/day
  • Sliding snowshoes €20/3 h and €30/day
  • Fatbikes €20/2 h, €35/day (6h) ja €50/24h
  • A pedalo €25/1 h, €40/2h

If you are a large group, please contact us beforehand, or call at +358503707111, so that we can reserve enough equipment.

NOTE! If you return equipment after 8pm, we will charge a full day (24h) rent.