This paddling course gives you an opportunity to train for the EPP2 exam.

We will train EPP2 skills exam skills. At the end of the course, you can take the EPP2 skills exam, which costs €30/person (incl. VAT). Passing the EPP2 exam is a prerequisite for the Paddling Guide Course.

Meloja 2 Kayak Skills Exam (EPP2 kayak)

In the skills exam 2, the basic kayak handling skills are tested. Equipment: a kayak, a two-blade paddle, a life jacket, a spray skirt and other weather-appropriate gear. The following skills should be mastered in the exam:

– paddling forwards and backwards and stopping
– directing the kayak to the wanted direction
– paddling sideways
– base support and prevention of falling
– rescuing
– equipment handling and transportation

You can read more information on the skills exam requirements here.

Location: Pikkulahden Melontakeskus (Pikkulahti Paddling Centre) and Iso-Kraaseli pilot station, Raahe

Date: 20. – 21.05.2020. Start at 17:00 Pikkulahti Melontakeskus. Finish around at 16:00 at Pikkulahti Melontakeskus. Accommodation in the pilot station on Iso-Kraaseli.

Booking by 16:00 on the previous day.

Group size: 3-6 persons

Instructor: Timo Kesti

Languages: Finnish, English

This course suits persons who have taken a paddling basics course and who are actively paddling.

Price: €135/person. At the end of the course, you can take the EPP2 skills exam, which costs €30/person. (Those who pass the exam will received a EPP2 card.) Kayak rental for the course €30/person.

Included: Teaching on the course, accommodation in the pilot cabin on Iso-Kraaseli, sauna.

Not included: Insurance, bed linen, kayak, paddling equipment.

Equipment needed: Trekking clothing and gear and food. The clothing/gear should be according to the instructions given by the paddling safety board (see the MeSo website/paddling safety instructions: kayak and its gear, paddler’s gear).

Bookings: Buy a ticket online.

Information: or +358503707111