On a kayak, you will get more out of a bird-watching trip as you can get closer to birds without disturbing them too much. There is an abundant birdlife on the Liminka Bay, and this trip offers you a chance to be dazzled by the beauty of birds. At the same time, you will learn the basics of paddling. This paddling trip can be added to a meeting day or be a part of a company activity day.

Location: Liminka Bay Visitor Centre, the group meets the guide in the lobby

Programme: The guide will hold a paddling basics course first, after which the group will goes paddling. There are plenty of destination options, and we will choose the most suitable one based on the participants’ skills and the weather. Preliminary destinations are chosen for the trip but the final route will be chosen on the same day. Dependent on the route and the weather, the paddling trip takes approx. 2-3 hours.

Level of difficulty: Suits beginner paddlers and complete beginners

Equipment: Participant’s own weather-appropriate outdoor clothing. Paddling equipment rental in included in the price.

Guides: Guides of Botnia Outdoor

Languages: Finnish, English

Period: Beginning of June end of August

Length: 2-3h

Group size: max 30 persons

Price: a group of 6-30 persons: €50 incl. VAT 10%

In addition, the group can watch “Life on the Liminka Bay” multimedia presentation. The presentation is free, lasts for 20 min. and tells what happens in a bird water area during the year.

Bookings and info: luontokeskus@liminganlahti.fi, info@botniaoutdoor.fi or +358503707111.