There is a minimum contents plan for a beginner paddling course drafted by the Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation’s recommendation. The aim is that each “paddling basics course” would guarantee the same recommended basic EPP1 (Euro Paddle Pass) skills.

Teaching on his course focuses on learning by doing, but the course includes also a little bit of theory too. Teaching is done on kayaks. Participants will learn basic paddling techniques, and what to do when they fall. These and most of the other are taught to the participants through practical exercises. The theory part includes, for example, introduction of different paddling types and their equipment. The Paddling Basics Course includes two course sessions at the Pikkulahti Paddling Centre (Pikkulahden Melontakeskus).

Note! You will get wet on this course!

Location: Pikkulahden Melontakeskus (Pikkulahti Paddling Centre), Raahe. By request, we can organise this course on a location of your choice. Ask for a quote.

Raahe: 03.-04.06., 27.-28.06, 25.-26.07, 09.-10.08.2019
Oulu: 14.-15.06. and 22.-23.07.2019
Kalajoki: 15.-16.07.2019

Bookings should be done by the day before the course starts by 16:00. The courses start at 17:00. At the end of the first day, we will agree on the start time of the second day.

Group size: 3-10

Guides: Guides of Pikkulahden Luontopalvelut

Languages: Finnish, English

Level of difficulty: Normal physical fitness

Price: €90/person

Included: Kayak rental, teaching, coffee at the end of the course and EEP1 card.

Not included: Insurance

Bookings: By buying a ticket online or by email to or +358503707111

Course programme: (we will inform about the exact start times in the information letter)

First day:

  • We will first go through safety issues quickly and the equipment (on the shore): safety jackets, the pump, the whistle, the spray skirt, kayaks, helmets…
  • Practise paddling techniques out of water: how to hold the paddle, rolling the paddle, how to paddle straight ahead and steering stokes (trajectory, rotating upper body), circular stroke and how to use the paddle as a rudder.
  • How to get into a kayak and out of it with the help of a paddle and without it.
  • Practice in the water and potentially do a short paddling trip.

Second day:

  • Summary of the first day as a practice out of water. Steering a kayak and paddling straight ahead in the water. After that we will go through some more demanding techniques.
  • Finetuning paddling straight ahead technique (rotation of the upper body, a good paddling posture).
  • We will practise paddling sideways and backwards and how to stop the kayak.
  • We may do a little paddling trip.
  • Towards the end of the course, we will practise falling and basics of rescue actions.
  • At the end of the course, we will have coffee and participants get their cards.